Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who do you look up to?

In our last class we learned that "to look up to" someone means to admire that person or respect him or her greatly.  Please write about a person who you look up to.  When describing the person, try to use the adverbs of frequency that we have been studying.


Clara said...

THE PERSON I LOOK UP TO IS MY BROTRER TOMAS , HE ALWAYS WORKS HARD WHEN HE FIRST GOT HERE HE STARTED WORKING ON A CHINNESE place as a dishwasher he used to work twelve hours a day and he only off once a week and after a couple years he became a cook and from then on he had to work a littlebit more because he had more responsabilities but He new if he try his best on the future can own the restaurant and now hes dream came true, He is the owner of the restaurant named China town in Glemwwood Springs.He is a nice person for somany reasons, he never force us to do anything but always give us good examples of live and responsibility.

jose said...

A person I look up to is my mother because she usually never get mad whit my and also she always is under control whit all my family. One of those days when I was uncharged of all my brothers I jus forget my responsibility and star playing for all day long and I forget everything so one of my brothers disappear and when my mother came back home She is a very smart and brave person because she frequently takes the main position in home when daddy was out of home

Diana said...

A person I look up to is my husband because he is always there when I need him.
For example when I am crying because I miss my family in Colombia he is always
There, when I have a little problem with my job or my friends, always
My husband is with me, to help me.
When I have the problem he usually has advices for me. He never yells at me
Because he is a nice person and I like a lot when teach me because he gets to
Made me Smile for example usually I read the magazine he listens to me for I can
Pronunciation much better sometimes I forgot say some word he is angry
Because he told me Diana remember the last week I taught you it, why do you
Forget and my answer is SORRY I FORGOT IT, I liked a lot when my husband is
Angry is funny he has the beautiful face. I love my husband forever. He lights
My life, he sometimes call me Nenita I love the word When come out from your
Lips I love more my husband.
My Husband is very smart usually he reads the books, he knows many things
Such as the sports, books from the world, chemistry books because he studied
That in the university in Colombia anyway he is very smart.
When my husband looks at my eyes I love him because he has the beautiful eyes
And I see in his eye the truth and I feel very good and my heart jump the
Happiness. Sometimes I got up and I see to my husband by me my live is full the
Live and the lights then I want to given the big kiss because he is my live
He is my present and my future. Also usually I think he is my world I want to
Have him forever in my life, my husband I love you today, tomorrow and forever.

Maria A. said...

A person I look up to is my sister, carmen. Some times call me and talk to me and tell me what happen in my house whit my mom, causins , and my other brothers , sometimes she is sad because , never he cant seed me to much time pas, always and remember her face she is praty and nice I never foget my sister olwasys I miss my family . Whuen are childrens I remember whuen I pay with my siblings Is so fan usually pay soccer , basket boll, and run and never and cauth, always read with me meny books when she is a little I remember, she is engry with my mom, told me leave home , she put in a bag some clouther and sey good bay, I think she kidding me , she is leaving. Whuen my mom is

jorge said...

My mom is the better mom of the world she loves at my brother and my, always she is very attended with me, my brother and my dad. I love you at my mom because she is a angels. All my family we are very a fortuned for we have at the best mother all world

Maria said...

Medicine is good for they or sometimes she ask mi, always we get stay in the some party
Her family and mi family have the some friends. I remember whend we stay togueter. tWas in the party of my nephew in law we had good time. Monica not came to the class in today and

barbara said...

I loke up to my mom because she is a hard working. Morever she has many qualitys and I love her.