Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tell us about your country

There were six students in class on Monday, and each student was from a different country. Including myself, we represented 7 countries. That evening, I was thinking about how amazing it is to work with people from so many far away places, each place with its own sights, smells, tastes, customs, traditions, memories, etc. I would love to visit each of those countries and see what life is like there.

I wonder what each of you misses most about the country where you are from. I also wonder what you like most about your current home in the United States. Please post a comment explaining one thing you miss about your native country and one thing you like about the US. Try to include a lot of details so that we can understand your experiences better.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Students gathered at the Henry Strater Theater for the Spellabration spelling bee, part of the annual Snowdown festival in Durango.  This year's theme was "In Da Nile" (Egyptian).  I don't know if we look Egyptian, but we had fun putting on ridiculous costumes and trying to spell ridiculously hard words.  
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