Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Class trip photos

Thanks to Taka, Edna, and Benja for taking such great pictures!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


On Sunday, most of Charlie's English class, plus Pedro, got together for an afternoon of snowshoeing in La Plata Canyon, just outside of Durango. We were inspired by the skiing and snowshoeing trip that Libby organized the week before. Please post some photos, Libby.

It was really a perfect adventure. Once we had rounded up enough snowshoes, we had to find a pair of boots that Raul would fit into. Fortunately, Nicolas brought a few pairs of boots along and one of them worked. With all the right gear (I'm glad it was 50 degrees and sunny, not 10 degrees and windy) we sqeezed into 2 vehicles and headed for the mountains.

It was amazing to walk up the canyon because we were actually walking in the riverbed but there was so much snow we couldn't see or hear the water below the snow. After going a couple of miles, we finally got to a spot where we could see the river, which looked like a big turquois slush puddle. We decided to stop there and hang out for a while.

Except for Benja and myself, it was everybody's first time snowshoeing. Everyone snowshoed well and seemed to have a lot of fun. There was great conversation, wonderful views, a little bit of tackling and wrestling in the snow, long jump contests and even a bonfire. Oh, and dirty jokes compliments of Benja. I think my favorite part was sitting around the fire and sharing all of the different snacks and drinks that people brought.

Thanks to everyone who was there for making it such an enjoyable trip; you're a wonderful group of people. It was great to spend time with you outside of the classroom and to be a part of your first trip to the La Platas.

I look forward to reading comments from others who were on the trip.

Charlie's English Class

Here is a class photo from a couple of months ago.