Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Special Place: The Mountains

The mountains are a special place for me.  I moved to Colorado 12 years ago because I wanted to have mountains in my backyard.  I love going into the mountains because it is very peaceful, I enjoy nature, and it's my favorite place to get exercise.

One of my favorite things about taking a trip to the mountains is the peaceful feeling I experience. I forget about my problems and just enjoy the scenery.  It's usually a lot quieter than the city because there are no cars, trucks, people, or cell phones, just the sound of the wind, the rustle of trees, and maybe the babble of  a stream.  I find it easy to relax away from all of the distractions and stresses of everyday life.  Another aspect of the mountains that I appreciate is being surrounded by nature.  I like to touch the trees, pick up rocks, smell the flowers.  When I take my 3 year old son hiking, he wants to know the names of the plants and animals that we see and I enjoy teaching him.  Finally, the mountains are my favorite place to exercise.  Whether it's skiing or snowshoeing in the winter, or hiking or biking in the summer, I always feel great after a day of physical exertion in the mountains.  

Ever since I moved to Colorado, the mountains have been a special place and an important part of my life.  Spending time in the mountains makes me a happier and healthier person because I feel peaceful, connect with nature, and exercise.  In fact, I love the mountains so much that my son's middle name is Mountain.