Monday, February 28, 2011

An Important Accomplishment

Tell us about a challenge that you worked hard to overcome.


barbara said...

Making an exchange program was not an easy decision. Now I am here I need to take advantage of my days in USA and enjoy it.
It was difficult for me because I need to save money enough to pay for this program during some years and I have never received too much money in my job. When I had this money I talked to my mother about this idea and she agreed that it would be a good experience for my life. It was not easy for her because I would have to work hard in my vacation and I have never worked during it. Actually I used to rest in my grandfather’s farm or in my cousin’s home.
It may be strange but I caught on fast with my work and with the new culture because I knew new friends and we are enjoying in this city. We have our days off together and we always spend our time in downtown or in the mall. Sometimes we go to visit another city with our American friends. I like to know different places because I can take beautiful picture and I love it.
This program is great for me because I can improve my English and it’s so important for my future career. I can do it talking to different people and making new friends. Moreover, I can learn about this different culture.
I don’t know how to explain my satisfaction about this exchange program in USA. But I know I will bring with me this experience for all of my life.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been here in United States since December 3rd. This is my first travel abroad and I’m not used to this weather. When I arrived here I discovered how hard it was to speak English, especially in my job, but I liked. By the way, I’m having a good time even though living here is a challenge to me.
When I began planning this trip, I was so exited but realize that I’d travel for 21 hours, I’d live for three months in another country with a different language, different customs, different way to life, I’d be so far from my family, my friends and my girlfriend, All of these things made me scared.
I left Brazil in our summer, 90o – 100oF this year and here, at the winter, I’ve been living my coldest days. Working at DMR I Felt the lowest temperature in my life until now, 5oF below zero
(-25.55oC) in the Xmas week. I tried helping my workmates to shovel the deck but I couldn’t, I went back inside the restaurant, I drank a big cup of hot water from the sink and after this I stayed for a few minutes shaking my body in the kitchen. I felt all of my body hurting… I was really ashamed about it.
English is a hard language to learn. Many people couldn’t understand me because my accent and moreover I couldn’t hear then well, the people spoke pretty fast and I’m not used this fluency. Other hard things like spelling and pronunciation inconsistent and slangs made me confused.
My job isn’t so hard. I’m a busser in Powder House – DMR and I really liked it. I have good workmates and I made great good friends in my job. All of them like me and help with my English teaching me things every day. I’m the unique Brazilian guy at this restaurant and it’s awesome to improve a foreign language.
Concluding, came here in US was a big challenge to me. Living the American Way of Life, a different culture and other different things made me grow up and I’m sure that I’ve improved not only my English but a lot of other skills too.

rocioh said...

bOne big challenge in my life was earning US citizenship. I had to pass a test and pay money, but now there are benefits.
I worked hard to get citizenship. I had to memorize the civic questions. The test was four parts. I read three questions about the American history, and the other part questions about my application.
The cost of application I sent a check almost seven hundred dollars, included the finger prints. I traveled two times to Denver once for the interview the other for the ceremony. I had time off from work because the schedule of my interview and the ceremony were early in the morning. We needed to stay in hotel one day before. About the resident card we paid half and my boss the other half.
Now I can get benefits in my social security and I have right to vote. I was interested in get the citizen because we know the laws change.
I am citizen and now have commitment with United State of America